Netafim™ Irrigation, one of the world’s leading greenhouse solution providers, has accrued vast global experience in providing highly specialized, state-of-the-art greenhouse systems, commercial greenhouses and greenhouse equipment. Netafim tailors high-quality, turnkey greenhouse projects delivering comprehensive solutions for enhancing crops and managing climate control while aiding clients to adhere to their budgets and ensure a return on investment.

Why Netafim Systems are better?
ADVANTAGE OVER HAND WATERING. Comparing a Netafim system to hand watering is like comparing a hand saw to a power saw. A hand tool is fine if you have the time, but for production scale, power tools are a terrific step forward. Payback for a Netafim system is usually one season or less. Therefore, it is a profit generator. Operators who are hand watering should additionally evaluate those tasks which are going un-done as a result of the necessity of daily hand watering.

Advantages over lead weight drippers. Lead weight systems offer some of the benefits of automation, but generally are first generation products which have been greatly surpassed in performance.

Netafim Hanging Basket Systems offer: Lead weight drippers are prone to plugging, which then requires labor and/or replacement costs to maintain. Often plugging is only partial which results in a lack of uniformity of flow in the system, which lowers crops quality.

Multi-Outlet Drippers improve plant quality: Great for production scale growing. MOD feature both pressure compensation and a built-in check valve. Every plant receives exactly the same amount of water and fertilizer ensuring consistency in plants. These drippers apply water directly to the pot, which can lower production costs.

Improved Uniformity
Almost all lead weight systems over-water the plants at the beginning of the line in order to adequately water the last plants on the line. This wastes water and fertilizer, promotes algae growth on the floor, and lowers plant quality.

Lower Flow = Better Wetting. Many of today’s soil mixes can be difficult to wet, especially after a dry period. Lead weight drippers often flow at 30 times the flow rate of Netafim drippers. As a result, water often flows around the soil mix rather than wetting the basket thoroughly. Lower flow also means larger zones ca be irrigated at one time. Often 10 to 20 times more plants on a single zone. This translates into a simpler operation, fewer valves, and smaller, simpler controllers.

Multi-tier Hanging Baskets are watered uniformly on the same zone. The flow rate of a Netafim dripper is not related to the length of spaghetti tube, as is the case with lead weight drippers. 24” Netafim drippers flow exactly the same as 48” drippers.

Secure Attachment means no drippers to replace. Lead weight drippers are prone to plugging and detaching, which then requires labour and/or replacement costs to maintain. This is eliminated by using the Netafim System.

Netafim Drippers feature both pressure compensation and a built in check valve. This combination of features, referred to as PCNL is the highest level of technology available in drippers today. The PCNL features of the dripper ensure that each plant receives exactly the same amount of water at the same time regardless of where the plant is located within the system.

Each dripper adjusts itself automatically to the system pressure resulting in watering uniformity of 94%. The built in check-valve assures that all drippers will turn on at the same time (when the system is fully pressurized), and prevents the drainage of the system onto the lowest plants when the system is turned off.

Why Netafim Sprinkler Systems are better? Low cost, fast payback. Usually within the first season of operation a Netafim system becomes a profit generator rather than an expense.

Netafim Sprinklers

All Netafim Sprinklers feature a check valve or leak prevention device which provides the following benefits: Instantaneous on-off for accurate, short cycle misting and watering. Sprinklers can be mounted upside down, hanging below the supply pipe. This prevents wetting the supply pipe, which when wetted, can cause drip damage to the crops below. The LPD check valve prevents these hanging sprinklers from draining the supply pipe on the plants below.

Low Flow rates permit large zone sizes: Typical Netafm sprinkler flow rates are 10-20 gph; a 1” supply is usually sufficient to irrigate an entire bay at one time. Uniform particle size prevents misting, which can drift and distort the wetting pattern, leaving wet and dry spots.

Highly Flexible Configurations: Sprinkler systems can be adapted to fit polyethylene, PVC, aluminum, steel pipes. Interchangeable heads (no tools needed) for system flexiblity

High Durable: Netafim Sprinklers are made of the highest quality plastics, with excellent Ultraviolet (UV) resistance. They can withstand head, direct sun, and harsh chemicals for many years without becoming brittle.

Low Maintenance: All parts can be assembled and disassembled in the greenhouse without tools. The traditional layout for sprinkler heads is poorly suited to greenhouse watering. The standard “old style” layout is to space the sprinklers “head to head’, or at a spacing equal to the radius of the sprinkler throw. To provide coverage for a large area, the patterns are overlapped. Since the centre of the greenhouse is naturally wetter, this sprinkler layout worsens the condition. Additionally the scalloped edges of this pattern leave small dry areas where plants can suffer from under-watering.

Netafim sprinklers achieve a very high level of uniformity within a closely spaced “strip of sprinklers”. Computer modeling was used to produce a design which thousands of installations have proven to be accurate.


Vibro-Mist Violet
Misting heads should be placed 3’ to 5’ above the crop and spaced on a 4’ x 4’ or 5’ x 5’ grid. The misting diameter is 8’ to 10’