ITML a leading grower brand of the Myers Industries Lawn & Garden Group is committed to providing one of the industry’s largest selections of horticultural containers, handing pots, propagation trays and related products for professional growers. The ITML line of products brings you superior value through product versatility, quality and innovation ensuring that you grow beautiful plants and keep sales and profits blooming all season long.

The ITML grower containers should be ordered early, some of their lines are only available seasonally. Please visit their website or contact our customer service desks to get more information.

Decorative Pots

Hanging Pots



Fiber Grow Pots

Round Pots and Trays


Square Pots and Trays



Perennial Pots and Trays


Nursery Containers





Insets and Trays


Growing Green Partnerships Recycling Program  

Growers, Halifax Seed and ITML are working together to make our ecosystem sustainable into the future. Halifax Seed offers a recycling program for growers purchasing and using ITML North American made plastic pots. This is a unique closed-loop recycling program for plastic greenhouse and nursery containers. By removing plastics from landfills and containers we will begin to decrease our carbon footprint. For more information on this program please contact you Halifax Seed Sales Representative.